Giveaway Winner & Website Improvements

Welcome back!

Before I say anything, I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for sticking around with us and taking part in the giveaway. We really enjoyed doing this and can't wait to see what the future holds!

Without further ado, the winner of the $50 PayPal giveaway is... Ubique! If he does NOT respond in 24 hours, I will draw another name and let you know. Thank you all for participating. If you would like us to keep continue doing these random giveaways, continue to show your support! Those of you who didn't win, I’m sorry, better luck next time.

Website Improvements
Now let's jump into the website improvements thanks to you guys. Remember, if you want to see a new feature or come across a bug with the website, please make a thread here.

- Added in our... Read More



Welcome to Hycentral!

Hello there, and welcome to HyCentral!

[Note: HyCentral is not affiliated with Hytale and or Hypixel Studios! Any content used from is for redistribution purposes!]

HyCentral Info
HyCentral is a forum/marketplace for Hytale. We allow you to find new friends, enter giveaways, get news updates on Hytale, and we offer a place to get involved within the marketing side of Hytale. Before anything, please check out the rules by clicking here. On behalf of the HyCentral Management Team, we are glad to see you here and can't wait for what the future holds!

Staff Needed!
With the launch of HyCentral, we are looking for all of you... Read More